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Pushkar is very scared place for Hindus & have 400 temples. It is located just only 12 Kms from Aj er & around 140 Km from Jaipur, the Rajasthan's capital. It has about 400 temples & beautiful tourist attraction. According to the history it is considered that the beautiful lakes formed by Lord Brahma( The Creator) He dropped a lotus here on full moon so thousand worshippers take a dip on the Karthik Purnima which generally falls in month of October & November every year. Pushkar is also known for its fair cultural programs are held here every year, events like camel races, puppet show, folk dance & musical programmes organized here. Pushkar has hundred of temples it is the big attraction place for visitors.

Famous Places For Visit

Brahma Temple: This beautiful temple is made up of marble & famous for four headed idol of lord Brahma, it is the only temple dedicated to Lord Brahma who is the creator of the universe according to Hinduism in India.

Savitri Temple: It is the second most important temple of Pushkar it is situated just behind the Brahma Temple, it gives panoramic view of Pushkar lake.

Rangnath Temple: Rangnath temple is famous for south Indian architecture, here you can see a huge image of Lord Vishnu.

Varaha Temple:
Varaha is famous as the third birth of Vishnu in the form of boar, who according to Hindu mythology appeared in order to defeat Hiranyaksha a deman, Varaha carried the earth from the ocean & restored it at its place.

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